Wee Ambrosia

Wee Ambrosia Wee Ambrosia Hood Wee Ambrosia Body

A tiny Christmas cardigan for my two-year-old niece – the pattern is Gudrun Johnston’s Wee Ambrosia. I didn’t make any modifications, and even used the recommended yarn. I’m a big fan of Quince & Co., and this is their aran-weight Osprey in Apricot. Let’s hear it for 100 per cent wool and Wovember!

I initially ordered some custom ceramic toggles but they ended up being too heavy; they really pulled on the fabric. I came across these cute fabric-covered penguin buttons on Etsy and think they’re perfect. My niece is partial to penguins.


Horseshoe Hottie

I drafted this pattern quite a while ago now – maybe even a year – but definitely got some use out of it this weekend. The temperature dropped, some snowflakes flew and I caught a cold. This hottie is cozy and cabled, and knit up in the aran-weight Diamond Yarn Galway Heather. I’m planning to re-work the pattern slightly before writing it up to share. I finished the side seams with a three-needle bind off. I think an I-cord would be neater!

[Photo courtesy of Christopher]


Spindrift Shawl

In honour of Wovember – a celebration of real wool from real sheep – I’m posting this 100% Shetland wool shawl in one of the most gorgeous colourways I’ve seen in a long time. I ordered the Jamieson’s Shetland Spindrift for Ysolda Teague’s Sherilyn pattern from Schoolhouse Press and chose the colour, Nighthawk, on a whim. When I opened the box I was kind of blown away by how lovely the colour is in person. I’m thinking about using it in Veera Välimäki’s Gathering Stripes as well. Maybe for next winter!

I’ve been doing tonnes of holiday knitting lately, as I’m sure most of you are too! I’m looking forward to seeing and sharing holiday projects soon. Happy knitting!

[Photo courtesy of Christopher]



Wovember is a movement started by Kate Davies and Felicity Ford encouraging the celebration of100% wool. Wool that comes from actual sheep – not wool blends and not synthetics, the real deal.

The idea got me to thinking about how much 100% wool I use in my knitting so I took a  closer look at my past projects. In the spirit of increasing my own woolly awareness, I started a ‘100% wool’ tag.  There are more projects that fall into that category than I expected. I’ve been using a lot of alpaca and linen wool blends lately and actually had a hard time remembering my most recent 100% wool project. It turns out that it was Damson on October 2nd – so not long ago at all!

I also ‘wovified’ myself by ordering some of Felicity’s 100% wool badges, which you can see above. This woolly campaign brought Shrek to mind – New Zealand’s now deceased celebrity sheep. Six years of freedom and a 60-pound fleece!