Puppy Knits Retrospective

These are some of my more bizarre projects, I admit it. But I was perusing other knit blogs shortly after the New Year, admiring mosaics of 2008 projects, and these puppy knits came to mind. So, for your enjoyment and perhaps, bewilderment, my puppy knits of 2008! Above is Trump, looking very handsome in an alpaca kerchief.

And Donna rather reluctantly posing in a camouflage jacket. Just the thing for a standard poodle living on Vancouver Island! This was my first puppy project – and I think I might be cheating with this one – it was finished in December 2007. The pattern is the howl of the Cowl and Howl set in Stitch ‘N Bitch.

Photo courtesy of K. Mossop

I still have mixed feelings when I look at this one. It was my first attempt at fulling. For a long time I suspected the wool was mislabelled, and that it wasn’t 100% wool but a wily synthetic. It’s taken a long time, but I am now willing to admit that I may have not taken the fulling process far enough. I ended up having to do a bit of a tailoring job when I was too tired to scour any longer. But Mr. Baggins is doing me proud. He looks quite dapper actually.

Cable & Moss Stitch Jacket

This is an unbelievably tiny sweater. So tiny I’m having trouble picturing a person small enough to fit in it. A six-12 month old Albertan will be wearing it soon enough though! The pattern is from Debbie BlissThe Baby Knits Book. A straight-forward cardigan knit in moss and stockinette stitches with cabling throughout and inset pockets.

I really love these vintage mother of pearl buttons (courtesy of Etsy). And furthering my crusade to dress babies everywhere in luxurious materials, cashmerino aran was perfect for this little sweater! 55% merino wool, 33% microfibre and 12% cashmere. Yummy!