Qiviut Dimple Hat

Qiviut Dimple Hat

Two of my most-worn knits of the winter – that’s a glimpse of my Fiddlehead Mitts in the background – and a new hat! I like to think it’s the qiviut (muskox fleece) that makes this lightweight hat so warm. The yarn is from Belfast Mini Mills on Prince Edward Island, which my cousin researched and gave me for my birthday last year. It’s a blend of qiviut, Merino wool, silk and bamboo, and has quite a nice sheen to it.

The pattern is a great free one – the Dimple Hat from the Purl Bee. The only change I would make is to knit a longer brim – probably two inches instead of the 1 1/4 inches written. I still have one skein left so I’m on the lookout for another great dk-weight hat pattern…


[Photos courtesy of Christopher]

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  1. Woot! The girls at the Belfast Mini Mills are my peeps! So great to see that people are talking about them online and loving their stuff! High fives all around!

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