Narwhal Mittens

Narwhal Mittens

Narwhal Mittens

Happy Holidays! I’m taking a break from a Christmas goose-filled haze to share the last of my holiday knits. These mittens were so much fun to make. Not only is Ysolda Teague’s pattern a fantastic one, and Quince & Co. Chickadee really very nice to work stranded knitting with… but they have narwhals on them! Knowing how Jane feels about narwhals, they were a perfect fit!

Enjoy the rest of the year – here’s to a wonderful 2013!

Note: the main colour is Peacock (109) and the contrasting colour is Glacier (105)


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  1. Oh man, how have I not noticed the asymmetrical shaping at the tops of these mittens before? How lovely that the tops are actually shaped like the tops of our hands!

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