Last year, Chris and I celebrated World Wide Knit in Public Day at Broadview Espresso. This year, after hearing about Streetknit’s plans for a group knitting world record attempt, we went out to the Junction to join in.


Indigo homespun

It would have taken more than 1,000 knitters to set the record. I actually thought it was possible so I couldn’t help but feel some disappointment when the final count was somewhere between 150 and 200 knitters. In a crafty city like Toronto!? Maybe next year.

WWKiP Day 2010

Chris at WWKiP Day

[Photos 1 & 3 courtesy of Chris]

5 Replies to “WWKiP Day”

  1. What a shame you didn’t make the record 🙁 …great turnout though 😀

    I too went to my WWNiP day yesterday (The Rocks, Sydney, Oz) and our turnout was around 90 people, it was a great day catching up with fellow knitters & ravelers. I think it’s fantastic being out & about with others sharing the love of knitting together.
    Your day sounded great, it would have been heaps of fun to be there also 🙂

  2. Oh, I wish I had known about it. It would have been be a good excuse to go into town. Shame it didn’t get the world record this time, next year maybe? I’m sure the bad weather didn’t help either.

  3. Sorry you guys didn’t break the record. But here’s some good news — you won the book giveaway I was having on my blog (yes, I realize I’m a little late, sorry!). E-mail me your mailing info please, and congratulations!

  4. Knit in public day totally passed me by! But it looks like fun even if you didn’t break the record – I always imagine Toronto as a place full to the rafters with knitters, so it’s a shame more didn’t make it out. next year indeed, though!

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