Nikki Gabriel

Nikki Gabriel Spring/Summer 09 (images courtesy Nikki Gabriel)

Nikki Gabriel Winter 10 (Image courtesy Nikki Gabriel)
Nikki Gabriel S/S 09 (top) and Winter 10 (Images courtesy Nikki Gabriel)

I’m gearing up for a trip to Australia so naturally I’ve been researching all things Aussie knits! Nikki Gabriel is a Melbourne-based knitwear and textile designer. Her Summer 09 collection is beautiful and handmade using fine silks and linens. Her Winter 10 collection looks amazing as well from the preview on her blog – vibrant reds and yellows with soft neutrals.

CONSTRUCTION NO 2 Bespoke Alpaca (image courtesy Nikki Gabriel)
(Image courtesy Nikki Gabriel)

Nikki also has a line called CONSTRUCTION, a series of knitting patterns that were designed like building blocks. Each shape builds on the last to create different garment styles and variations. CONSTRUCTION No. 1 was designed to be knit with Bespoke Wool and No. 2 with Bespoke Alpaca, both of which are undyed yarns that have been locally harvested and spun.

I’ll definitely be dropping by some of the Melbourne retailers that carry the patterns! The patterns and wool are available online as well.

If you happen to have any Australian craft fun and games to share, please do! We’ll have three weeks and I want to cram in as much goodness as possible!

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  1. Ooh gorgeous!!! The first pic reminds me of my beloved Strik (x-mas ’09) for it’s fine, lacy, delicacy. Ha- I feel almost as excited as you about the upcoming sojourn down under!

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