Raindrop Set at Coterie

Hurrah! The Raindrop Berets and Mitts that I made for Jane’s store Coterie are now available.

Coterie is a webstore that offers handmade goods – including wooden objects, ceramics and textiles – created by makers in Canada, Ireland and elsewhere. I’m a big fan of Jane’s store and have bought enough of her muddlers to keep my entire family in mojitos for a very long time! So needless to say I’m extremely excited to be collaborating with her on a range of knit goods.

I designed the Raindrop Berets and Mitts to have a classic style with a subtle texture, and knit them in a 50% alpaca, 50% wool yarn. We chose three colourways for this Fall/Winter: mustard, soft grey and blue.

I’m planning to make the patterns available as a collection as well. I’ve been having a lot of fun this summer writing patterns and experimenting with prototypes with Jane so once they’re all finalized I’ll compile them. More fun!

[Photos courtesy of Coterie]