Tortoise and Hare Gauntlets

Tortoise and Hare Gauntlets

My brother asked me to make these gauntlets for a friend in Japan using Kate Davies’ Tortoise and Hare pattern. I’m a huge fan of Jamieson & Smith’s Shetland wool and had picked up four shades quite a while ago with this pattern in mind.

I initially knit the longer version, on larger needles and ended up with a gauntlet that stretched up to my elbow. So … I ripped it out and started again using smaller needles and fewer pattern repeats.

Tortoise and Hare Gauntlets

I love the look of the braiding after the ribbed cuff, and of course the tortoise and hare motif. After the sizing and gauge issues were figured out this was a very enjoyable knit. There will be more tortoises and hares in my future!


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4 Responses to “Tortoise and Hare Gauntlets”

  1. Jane Flanagan Says:

    So awesome!

  2. Laura Michelle Says:

    Thank you, Jane! I’m really happy with them.

  3. Mami S Says:

    Thank you so much for those lovely gloves. I was very excited when I opened the package from you. Whenever I wear those gloves, I get stars in my eyes. Thank you!

  4. Laura Michelle Says:

    I’m so glad, Mami! Scott wanted to send you something special from Canada – I hope they keep you warm this winter!

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