Immie Tee

Immie Tee

The absolute cuteness of baby knits has not worn off for me. After countless little hats and a few tiny sweaters, I still find myself inordinately delighted by how adorable they are.

This yellow tee is for my niece Sibella – she’ll be one in August! The yarn is Tern from Quince & Co., and it’s a blend of wool and silk.

Immie Tee

Immie Tee

The bit of silk makes for a nice, lightweight knit. The colourway, Buoy, is really quite muted, and there’s a slight variation in hue due to the differences in the way wool and silk being absorb dye.

The pattern is by Carrie Bostick Hoge, who has plenty of very sweet baby knits to choose from. In fact, one is named Sibella; a natural fit … maybe for birthday number two!

Wishing you a very happy Canada Day long weekend, and a happy Pride to all those in Toronto!



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  1. Laura, what a cute top. Sibella is one lucky niece to have an Aunt who can knit for her! You have knit some wonderful things for her.

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