Aidez Cardigan

Aidez Cardigan

Photos: Christopher Lewis

Aidez Cardigan

My sister is rightly concerned that I’ll never pop this cardigan in the mail. I love it! I have some Cascade Ecological Wool in my stash that is now destined to be an Aidez for me. Since the pattern calls for a super bulky yarn, it was indeed a quick knit. I finished the majority of it on the train and plane a few weeks ago. It made for perfect travel knitting; the five different cable charts are easily memorized.

Detail of the trellis cable back panel

Detail of the trellis cable back panel

Detail of seed wishbone pattern on sleeves

Detail of seed wishbone pattern on sleeves

The pattern is a free one from Cirilia Rose via Berroco. I used the 100 per cent wool yarn called for - Berroco Peruvia Quick in Fumar – which is a really lovely, soft yarn that results in a lightweight but warm fabric.

[Photos courtesy of Christopher]


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5 Responses to “Aidez Cardigan”

  1. Jane Flanagan Says:

    Gorgeous! I can see why your sister’s worried!

  2. Laura Michelle Says:

    Thank you, Jane!

  3. Kirsten Says:

    This sweater has been on my to-make list for some time and I think this is the year that I finally will do it! I think you must be my knitting twin…so many of your projects are ones I think I have been pondering or have already made.

  4. luciana Says:

    Beautiful cables! I love the cardi. Lucky sister who’s going to get it in the post!

  5. Kristin Turberville Haffey Says:

    Wow! I love it! But I don’t know anything about knitting.
    Do you (or someone you know) ever make these for people like me who would buy them? :)
    If so, drop me a line. It’s awesome. :)

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