Spring Lace

It’s starting to feel a lot like spring here in Toronto. What better way to kick it off than with a couple of light, lace knits. I mistakenly bought a skein of lace-weight Misti Alpaca Hand Paint Lace at Knit-O-Matic a while back, when I was obsessed with Hand Paint Suri & Silk. Since I was expecting a dk-weight and didn’t realize my mistake until I got home, it just sat in the back of my cabinet for the past two years. Then I saw Kristen Finlay’s free pattern for Wave, a shawlette worked in alternating sections of Turkish Lace and garter stitch. So pretty and simple, and I loved her samples knit up in variegated yarns.

My second piece of spring lace is another free pattern, The Age of Brass and Steam Kerchief by Orange Flower. The pattern calls for dk-weight yarn so I went down two needle sizes and did an extra repeat of the alternating stockinette and eyelet sections. I was a bit stressed over the tightness of the loosest bind off I could manage with Wave (decrease bind off), so with this one I went up two needle sizes for a regular bind off. In the end, I didn’t need to fuss over either – they both blocked quite nicely and I didn’t run into any tight-BO issues.

Oh, and you may notice that my bag in the background of the top photo fits with the knits. Alpacas! Jane showed me this alpaca Baggu a while back and while I was at Good Egg in Kensington Market yesterday they just happened to have one! Mika, the owner, pointed out that the pattern looks like houndstooth from a distance but close up… all alpacas.

[Photos courtesy of Christopher]

[Ravelled: Wave and The Age of Brass and Steam Kerchief]

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8 Responses to “Spring Lace”

  1. Jane Flanagan Says:

    I’m so happy you finally got the Alpaca Baggu!! It seemed so wrong that you didn’t have it.

    I adore this scarf – I’m sure you know that I’d adore all those mossy greens and blues… reminds me of a seaweedy shore. Beautiful!!

  2. rachel Says:

    gorgeous lace – you’ve done a beautiful job and i love your alpaca bag ;)

  3. amanda Says:

    Fabulous lace! Love the blue green tones. :)

  4. 1funkyknitwit Says:

    I’ve had a thing for the simplicity of this shawl since it was released, I’m yet to knit it though..ha. Your version looks very nice indeed the variegation in colours work well with the pattern. Great photos too!

  5. Laura Michelle Says:

    Thank you everyone — gotta love alpacas!

  6. luciana Says:

    I’m just catching up with your beautiful creations. Love the texture and colour of this shawl. The yarn seems to be very soft. Simply beautiful.

  7. Susan Says:

    Love this yarn! Is it still available? Thanks for any info.

  8. Laura Michelle Says:

    Hi Susan – Misti Alpaca Hand Paint Lace is still being made. They have a handy store locator map at the bottom of the page, hopefully you’ll be in luck where you live!

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