Monster Party

Monster Party is the working title for these guys. Jensen, the recipient, has yet to name them herself. I witnessed firsthand the squeal of delight when she opened the box, which made me very happy. That just doesn’t happen every day! I’d never heard of the Japanese character Domo before yesterday but Jensen added these two to her other two Domos. A little extended family of Domo-like stuffies. These are  my second batch from Rebecca Danger’s Daphne and Delilah pattern - these ones made with Diamond Yarn Galway.

Jensen built this awesome monster replica out of Lego while we were eating dinner. Super cute and definitely made my day!

Update: Jensen has named the big one Waldo and the little one Blue

[Photo courtesy of Christopher]


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3 Responses to “Monster Party”

  1. Jane Flanagan Says:

    So awesome!

  2. rachel Says:

    I didn’t know who Domo was either until my sister-in-law’s sister asked me to knit her “some Domos” …. they are so awesome – I love the colours you chose :) Merry Christmas, Laura!

  3. luciana Says:

    What a lovely gift. The monsters are gorgeous. I’m very impressed by Jensen’s lego version of it!

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