Muff & Mitts

Hanne Muff

Hanne Muff

I’m almost at the end of my holiday knitting, which is good since I leave for Vancouver tomorrow morning! Hints were dropped for a muff, so I decided on a slightly modified version of Cirilia Rose’s Hanne. I’m not sure if it was the stitch pattern or me but I ended up with the wrong stitch count two times. Not a believer in third time lucky, I switched to a similarly shaped stitch from Barbara G. Walker’s A Treasury of Knitting Patterns (Powder Puff on pg. 136). It was a fun project to make. There was some assembly required – it’s knit in two separate layers, then padded with batting and secured with running stitches to anchor all three layers.

Those Mitts

These are Those Mitts by Leslie Friend. This pattern, along with other great ones (hello, toast and toasty!), is available as a free download in her blog sidebar. I can see why this is her “go-to” pattern for mitts. I love them!

I used Mission Falls 1824 wool in Raven for both the muff and mitts. Can’t get enough!

[Muff photos courtesy of Chris]

[Ravelled Hanne Muff; Ravelled Those Mitts]


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  1. So cute! I had the same problem with the muff pattern – I kept messing up until I realized it was the pattern, not me. The correction is posted in my blog but it looks like you found a great/similar pattern. So cute!

  2. I thought it was me as well. I tried this pattern at least 10 times and always came out with the wrong stitch so I threw it to the side of my night stand in frustration and there it still sits! I will try the pattern you suggested! Thanks for posting it!

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